Defining "Success"

As people, many times we wrestle with defining success. What does success look like in my life? Do I define “success” by my earnings? By plaques on the wall? By what other people think of me? Do I define “success” by how well my children are doing? How might “pretty” people view my spouse? How do I look? How other people “value” me? How much stuff I’ve accrued? How much money I have at my disposal? How much land do I own? How many degrees I have? By having a nameplate on a building somewhere? 

If I were to ask you this one specific question, “What do you consider the greatest achievements in your life?”, how would you answer that?
I recently attended a high school reunion and while it’s fun to revisit some of those successes that happened in the 1900s, looking back, so much of what I valued in that stage of life has essentially ZERO meaning today.
This weekend, we continue in our “Magnetic” series looking specifically at “Accomplishments.” I’ll be transparently and painstakingly honest: this sermon came at a perfect time for me.
So here it is in a nutshell:
Do you want to be successful?
How do you define success?
What does that look like in your mind?
Ready for the punch?
Why do you want to be successful?
What is the motive?
Is it because you care what people think? That you want them to think you are successful?
Is it because you care what your family thinks? You want them to think you are successful?
And what is “success”? What is “achievement”?
So as I’m preparing the message for this week, I had so many unique conversations arise from people in our community who are asking me a lot of questions. I’ll talk about those questions this Sunday because the questions being asked of me centered around the very concept of “success” connected to church and ministry.
So this weekend, we’ll open up God’s word in 2 Thessalonians 1 and look at God’s concept of achievement and success. This would be a great week - in fact, a phenomenal week - to invite an unchurched or de-churched friend or family member to attend.
Looking forward to a great focus and intensity this weekend as ever!


Next Friday, Nov. 3 is our annual Mission Auction where we raise additional funds for one time gifts for our supported missions. It’s always an excellent evening.