"Thank You" to our...


“Thank you” to our policemen, Veterans, and a front and center eternal thanks to Jesus

As more violence devastated a church in Texas, please extend prayers for them. I am personally so thankful for our off-duty policemen that help keep our campus safe. Please give them ongoing appreciation for all they do. 

Just a reminder, Veteran’s Day is this weekend. If you have a Veteran in your family or friendship circles, please communicate our gratitude to them from you and our nation. 

This week I had the privilege of helping lead a minister’s retreat that Bob Russell Ministries puts on. It was another phenomenal week for me in that my son, Parker, attended as he is now serving as an associate minister (which is who this conference is designed for). It was great to hear of churches growing, making a difference, and advancing the kingdom. It is always with great levels of joy and pride that I am able to share what God is doing in the ministry of Forum and in your lives. 

God works in phenomenal ways. He desires the kingdom of God to envelop this world with His mission of love. 

This Sunday we continue to equip and tool ourselves for this mission. We continue in our “Magnetic” series looking at the incredible church at Thessalonica. This week we are looking at “Expressions.” We will be in 2 Thessalonians 3. It would be a great week to invite a friend to attend. 

Looking forward to a great Sunday! 

Now, to the “Need to know housekeeping items”. 

  1. Our parking lot is going through significant changes. I won’t bore you with the details, but here’s what you need to know: the parking lot lights will be off for about a month. We apologize in advance for that, but this is necessary for a time. 
  2. Please continue parking at Boone and on the gravel lot. 
  3. The lobby has additional seating during the second service if you cannot find a seat.