An iconic song by John Lennon says, “Imagine”. In it, he paints a picture of a better world. A world he dreams of. 

“Some say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” 

While the song looks at life with God out of the picture, realize God is one of the dreamers. God’s dreams include a world that has His peace, that has people united under the Lordship of Jesus, a kingdom that takes care of one another, a movement that strives for His holiness. 

So this Sunday we start a new series called, “Imagine Christmas.” During this series we are partnering with local and global ministries to help achieve some of these dreams.

Each week we’re asking you to give in over and above tangible ways that will help meet needs. 

The weeks and partners are these:

Dec. 3 - Imagine a world that isn’t cold - VAC is our partner
Dec. 10 - Imagine a world that isn’t hungry - The Food Bank is our partner
Dec. 17 - Image a world that isn’t thirsty - LifeWater is our partner
Dec. 24 - Imagine the peace of Christ in every life

You can get detailed information from the website - about the specifics. We are asking for designated giving connected to Life Water where we will strive to raise $18,000 which will dig a well, provide training for the community leaders, and give sanitation to an entire school in Africa. LifeWater will give us updates as these events and our village is impacted. 

I’m thrilled to see all that God is doing in our ministry. As we closed out “Magnetic”, the overwhelming response you all have collectively shared about this series is tremendous. 

I’ve met numerous new families who you have invited to come and experience God with us. That’s magnetic. 

I’ve had so many people talk about the message on “Peace” and how that has both equipped them and helped them this season connected to family or people around them. 
That’s the work of God. 

I was talking to a set of parents who started attending because they have students who were invited by friends from school.
That’s attractional. 

It’s phenomenal to see God using you in such powerful ways. Each week, I can’t wait to see what God does next. 

Looking forward to having a Christmas season filled with God’s dreams as we “Imagine Christmas” together. See you Sunday.