What a great thing God is doing!

God continues to work in wonderful and amazing ways within our ministry!

  • Our elders had the joy of ordaining Jared Wortman as a minister last tonight (3/16). Jared served as an associate minister at Forum with me for 4 exemplary years. As a young man, he had been baptized in our baptistry. It was great to have our leaders surround him and pray over him and endorse him as a minister. We did that with his father, Seth Wortman (a minister in Springfield, MO) and his grandfather Lloyd Palfrey (preacher, professor, former President of Central Christian College of the Bible). It was great as well to see Katrina and their two kids, Clara and Benjamin. Jared serves as the associate minister at Peachtree Christian Church in Atlanta, GA. They are thriving as a family. 
  • Bradley has been working on once again transforming some of our online communications, printed materials, and processes. As a ministry, we are constantly seeking to improve the way we keep you informed and connected at Forum.
  • Many people in our church and many of our high school students and sponsors will be leaving for mission trips to Barbados to help serve at the ministry of WISE. Brice and Amanda Wurdeman serve as the leaders of this vibrant ministry. We’re praying for safety as well as great effectiveness as the two different teams serve.
  • This weekend, there will be many people being baptized into Christ. What a great joy! If you’d like to make a similar decision, we want to help you do that. Simply send an email to me at Scott@forumchristian.org. 

This weekend we continue in His-Story looking at the prayer life of our Lord Jesus. Who better to imitate than the greatest human who has ever lived? God is truly growing and stretching us as we go through this series. This past Sunday I spent time in prayer with a person who said, “I want to be more like Jesus but I’m not listening to the Holy Spirit. Would you pray for me?” After we prayed I asked if I could share their words. They agreed. 

I love that we are a ministry and church where someone can be so very very honest and transparent while being open enough to ask for prayer. 

What a great thing God is doing here! 

John 17 is where we will focus this Sunday if you would like to read it and pray in advance that you’ll hear the voice of the Lord.