Prayer, Power, and Parking

“Watch and pray. Those are the two words you used on the video this week. You preached on prayer Sunday. The Tuesday night men’s group I go to is looking at prayer. It’s like God is wanting me to grow in this.” As John said that to me this morning at our men’s group, I was quickly reminded of the importance of praying and staying focused on the Lord.

It’s something we should perpetually encourage one another to do.

This week we’ll look at the incredible strength, perseverance, and attitude of Jesus as He endures through illegal trials, abuse, and horrifying human actions. I do believe that Christ’s prayer life helped give Him power to endure.

It is strength we can imitate. 

This past Sunday, it was great to have 4 people baptized into Christ during services.

Further, we had our largest single non-holiday attendance this past Sunday.

As many of you have noticed - our parking lots are at a point where they are overflowing - which is really great. 

Boone Clinic has agreed to let us park in their lot so we will be running shuttles to and from there to help ease our congestion. This will be an ongoing work in progress so give us grace as we work out details. Let me encourage many to try it out and use it to make it easier for those who are new to Forum to find parking.  Below are the details.




Pickup/Drop off at Boone Clinic is north side of parking lot, along Nifong.

Pickup/Drop off at church is the covered awning at front door.

9:00 - 9:45

  • First pickup at Boone Clinic, then drive the loop between church and Boone

10:30 - 11:15

  • Pickup at Boone Clinic


  • First pickup at church, then drive the loop between church and Boone Clinic


  • Last pickup at church. 

Thanks to our deacons for putting this together. It’s great that God is growing our ministry in such amazing ways! 

Looking forward to another great time of worship this Sunday.