Our Response Shapes the World

The word “substitute” to me is a loaded word with images that come to mind. A “substitute” teacher was code for “play day." Substitutes were also kind of a risk/reward type of a bingo. Most of our subs were older - but periodically we’d get a sub who was - well - kind of hot. Bingo! Those were days when questions would be raised every 3 minutes, when the pencil kept breaking and needed to be sharpened by her desk.

We go to a restaurant and we ask to sub this side for that side trying to tailor the meal to satisfy our true want. However, watch same restaurant run out of your favorite item and tell you when you sit down they are substituting another item, and watch your reaction.

Go to a theater and let there be a substitute player - one of the understudies - standing in for a main star or lead and watch the reaction of the crowd.

Take a star out of the basketball game and leave a sub in for the rest of the game and that too would be met with levels of frustration and even fan anger.

Most of the time, the concept of a “sub” points to something or someone lesser. Lesser qualified. Lesser talent. Lesser abilities.

This weekend we are looking at one who substituted for you and for me.

We did not earn or merit Jesus to stand in for us. While God communicates His love for us through this substitution, we can’t comprehend this action of amazing grace.

This weekend we’ll focus on this great action of love and grace. We’ll look at what it means for us. We’ll see how our response shapes the world.

It’s truly thrilling to see how God continues to move at Forum. I’m looking forward to another great time of worship and time in God’s word together this Sunday.

This is a great season to invite friends to come and hear the great news that Jesus saves.