Creation, Change, and Transformation

God specializes in creation, change, and transformation.

From the void, He created the world through His Word.

He changed and transformed the dead, lifeless body of our Savior into the living, resurrected Lord.

And God continues to create, change, and transform.

This week we continue in our series “His Story.” We’ll look at the quantum leap of change that happened in the life of one of Jesus’ disciples, namely Peter.

His story changed Peter’s story. As we examine this together, we’ll see growth points from God’s word for all of us.

Thanks for all the great encouragement to me and our entire staff connected to our Easter weekend!

As ever we would all say in unity, “To God be the glory.”

Frankly, I was very emotionally overwhelmed when I walked into the lobby during 2nd service and there were around 80 people worshiping out there. Thanks for being so flexible. I know that’s not an optimum spot to worship but the auditorium was at 100% capacity during that service.

I also want to thank all those who parked at Boone. Your willingness made a huge difference in our ability to facilitate people new to the ministry to be able to park. 

 Many have asked me about numbers and attendance from Sunday. Rather than giving my usual, “God knows the numbers and that’s what counts the most” type of an answer, I’ll put it out there for everyone to read. For our Easter services we had 1788 in attendance. Our Good Friday service had 526 in attendance.

More importantly than the numbers, God knows every person who was here by name. He loves every one of us so deeply and dearly. He also loves the tens of thousands who weren’t in any house of worship this past weekend. He would desire and challenge every one of us to strive to intentionally connect them to Jesus.

Looking forward to another powerful time of worship together this Sunday!