Building Update

We start a new sermon series this Sunday called, “My Story.” 

As we move from “His Story” to “My Story” we’ll see how Jesus changes your story. We’ll see how our Lord moves and maneuvers in our lives. We’ll see people who come from very different backgrounds and situations.  We’ll explore how Jesus changed them. We’ll also see how Jesus used them to change other people’s story. 

That’s what God calls us to do as well. 

These next weeks will be great weeks to invite friends and family to attend because Jesus changing us is the central theme. Within that framework, we’re also going to help equip and train you to share your story with: family, people of status, your children, people whose lives are badly messed up, and people facing a health issue. We all know people in these situations. 

This series can truly transform your ability to share your faith and change other people’s stories. 


Within the next 90 days, we’ll see equipment coming onto the campus, dirt getting moved, playground equipment being moved and a lot of action taking place. I want to continue to say, “Thank You” to Boone Hospital, our deacons, and everyone who has been helping by parking over at Boone.

So many great things happening here at Forum. God is working is such a powerful way!

I look forward to another transformative Sunday to worship together.

See you then.