Does God have a “vision” for this world?

Q: What do you want your child to do when she/he grows up?

A’s: “I’d like them to be happy.” “I’d like them to have a meaningful career.” “I’d love my child to be a researcher and cure cancer.” “I’d love it if my kids were pro athletes.”

Q: (to God) What do you want your son to be when He grows up?

A: I want Him to die a torturous death on a Roman cross.

Q: That’s your dream for your son?

A: Yes…it’s also my dream for lost people. I want them to be in my presence forever. That’s the way it will happen.

Does God have a “vision” for this world?

God’s vision for this world involves your salvation. It centers around a criminal’s cross. It overcomes sin.

People often ask me about my vision for the church. I assume when they ask that, they are asking me about Forum. And while I do have hopes and dreams connected to the way we do ministry, reaching people, impacting Columbia, etc. (a “vision” we work and exercise every day) primarily, I desire my vision for this ministry to be the same as God’s vision for this world.

The vision is we stay focused on Christ. We focus on His cross. We preach Him high and lifted up. We preach about the ignominy of the cross. We preach His suffering, His dying, and His resurrection.


Because this event is a shaming event pointing us to the reality of our sin. And while our sins are fully forgiven, may we never lose sight of those around us who still must hear of their lack and need. Further, may we never become so smug in our struggle with sin to think we are beyond the need to think about the cross.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Our kids’ choirs will be part of our worship services in all the services. This is a great Sunday to bring friends to attend. We will focus on the cross and our savior.

Easter week we’ll have many experiences to focus us upon the Lord. With a Good Friday service, a Saturday night service, and 3 Sunday morning services (with special things for children on that morning) we’ve got great opportunities for you to celebrate God working in our lives.

Last, I want to take a moment to highlight our youth ministry. This past week, upperclassmen went to Barbados to work with Windward Island School of Evangelism. They did a stellar job. Brice and Amanda Wurdeman (leaders of WISE) had this to say about our group, “Amanda and I were very impressed with the Forum youth that came to visit.  Their willingness to help, serve, and sweat (a lot!) was a blessing and testimony to the youth here and students at WISE.  Their time displayed the type of ministry happening with the youth at Forum.  We hope they'll be able to visit again! “

I also want to say, “great job” to Tyler Hensley for making this come together. To put together an international trip for that many students, to overcome some of the obstacles (apparently, the airlines can cause levels of challenge - as if we didn’t already know that), and to keep everyone working together in a very different environment is big. “Well done” to all involved.

Looking forward to an incredible encounter with God this Sunday with you.