What Is God's Will For My Life

 It’s a question I get a lot.

“What is God trying to teach me right now? Life isn’t making sense right now, is He listening?” 

Valid questions. 

Are there answers to these questions? 

Yes, there are. We’ll be talking about God’s will for your life this weekend at Forum. 

So many people are so very very far away from God and don’t even realize they are living in the land of confusion. I know some people are resistant. I know sometimes some people don’t want to even be out in public or around people because their lives are hot messes. 

That’s the very type of person we are talking about this weekend. 

There are a bunch of people who truly need to hear this message. They are your neighbors, your co-workers, family members, and people you only casually know. 

I’m asking you to help them get to Forum this weekend. 

There is nothing greater you can do in this lifetime than to help someone to connect with Jesus. 

This Sunday we continue in “My Story” talking about “I was not worthy.” We’re looking at someone whose life was a mess. We’re looking at disciples who seemingly didn’t want Jesus even talking to this person. We’re looking at Jesus who walks into a wrecked life and helps that person connect with God. 

Sound familiar? 

It should - because I know that story is your story. That story is my story. And it’s the most beautiful ongoing story in the history of the world. 

Bring people with you this Sunday. It’ll be a Sunday of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. I’m intensely looking forward to it.