Why I don't talk about buildings

As you may be aware, we’re about to expand our facilities.

You may have also noticed, I don’t talk about it a lot.  

You may also be aware, this probably isn’t normal.  

I’m okay, in this instance, with not being normal. Here’s why: 

  1. I find too many Christians and churches/ministries get more fired up about a building than they do Jesus. They talk, talk, talk about their new building as a cure all for anything and everything. I’d much rather we talk about and live for Jesus. These things aren’t mutually exclusive. However, I’d much rather hear of a member of Forum inviting people to church because “you’ll hear God’s word” rather than “come to our church and see our new building.”
  2. We are God’s building. The church is a living, breathing entity made up of saved humans. Our facilities help us come together to worship. And what a great thing that is. Never once have I come out of a great worship service saying, “Wow - that room/building/etc. caused me to want to worship.” However, so many times - seeing other believers sincerely worshiping stirs my heart and engages me to worship as well. And we’ve got some great worship leaders at Forum. People who are so very sincere. They help to draw me to focus on God. 
  3. I don’t talk about buildings a lot because I vividly know this: life can be tough on so many levels. Each week people come to us for prayer. People come and pour out their hurts and pains. You wrestle with the day-in day-out routines of life. We want to create a place of spiritual health and nutrition for you. Talking about our building program, while a good thing, isn’t the best thing we can talk about. Instead, we talk about and focus on Jesus and God’s power to save and change us. 


All that said, ground is being moved even as I’m writing this. Over the next months, there’s going to be a lot of change to our physical campus and we’ll use this venue as a mechanism to let you know how you can best navigate the changes. I will encourage many of you to continue to park at Boone and even recruit others. It’s actually a great place to park - you can get a nice walk or ride one of the shuttles right to the door. 

This weekend we finish up “My Story” talking about how God uses the way He changes our story for His glory. We’ll be in John 9 talking about the healing of a man born blind. It’s a passage where Jesus changes a man’s story in a huge way. Our Lord is a change agent. He continues to change my life daily for His glory. He’s doing the same in your life if you let Him. 

Looking forward to a stellar time of worship with you this weekend!