Building a spiritual legacy

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day with a message talking about spiritual legacy. Dads, I know this about every one of you: you want the best for your family. You want the best for your kids, for your wife, for your marriage, and just the best all-around in life.

This Sunday’s message is a message of great encouragement and challenge. Every dad and every person you know will benefit from this message. I’d encourage you to invite friends. We’ll talk about 8 steps toward building a spiritual legacy.

Building program update

What we all need to know:


Q: When are we starting?

A: The week of June 19th (next week.)


Q: Weren’t we starting earlier?

A: Yes. We’ve been in the design phase. While it’s too complex to go into, in summation: Forum and Nifong project and the city, the city and water retention, the need for another entrance, and working through all the financing.

Q: Are the numbers higher?

A: Yes. The initial estimates came in around $3.5 million dollars and the final bids are coming in at $4.5 million.


Q: Is that a good thing?

A: No and yes. One of the big added costs is a water retention system at $460,000. This water retention system is required by the city to manage excess storm water runoff. The upside is it will serve all current and future needs as we continue to grow.


Q: The leadership (elders) is on board?

A:  Yes. 100% unity, excitement, and desire because all of them know, by faith, this project is going to help us reach more people for Jesus Christ.

How can we help?

1.     Keep praying. Pray for people who don’t know Jesus. Pray for our community. Pray for our staff. Pray for our leadership. These types of projects are big, inconvenient, and they are costly.

2.     Parking is going to be very tight and at times, will even be weird. I’ll go into weird later. But in the meantime, as so many are doing, you can park at Boone. It’s a great shuttle ride or walk.

3.     We can all give faithfully and diligently to the building fund as we have committed.

What can we expect to see happening?

A lot.

By the middle of July, there’s a good chance that a brand-new playground will be finished on the south side of the facility that has a direct access from the preschool and elementary areas.

By the end of summer, there will be a completely new parking lot where the berm currently is on the Forum side of the property.

We may need people to help on Fridays and Saturdays, as logistics and our site will need to be monitored and maintained. There may be things we need to move, set up, etc. because the construction crews don’t always understand our Sunday dynamics, but we’ll keep you posted on those needs.