God is Moving

Forward motion

I just returned from church camp at High Hill and it looked like both kids and staff were having a great time! I love our ministry to children. Forum has a really large and great group of campers and staff there. To hear the kids and the adults talking about what a great week it is and how much they are growing reminds me of why we encourage parents to send their kids to camp.

God is moving.

Over the past weeks, there have been many people expressing a desire to be baptized. This is such a Christ centered event in the life of a believer and it’s a joy to see someone aligning and uniting with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

As I have others, let me encourage all to be baptized into Christ because you have faith and submit to His lordship.

God is moving.

This Sunday in 2nd service, we’ll ordain my son Parker into ministry. Parker just graduated from both Johnson University with an MA and The Leadership Institute of Christ Church of the Valley.

Then, on July 2nd we’ll ordain CJ Tamerius into ministry. CJ is a recent graduate of Ozark Christian College and is serving as a worship minister in western Missouri.

God is moving.

Movement is happening on the facility. The next months will be fun and challenging. Some things will seem like they are moving fast, others will feel like they are taking forever.

We’re not going to get concerned about those things. We’re going to continue inviting other people to come to Forum. We’re going to intentionally connect people to Jesus.

God is moving.

This Sunday we continue in our NextGen series seeing how Paul gives Timothy, his apprentice, insight as to how to deal with the challenges and temptations in life. I personally find it beautifully providential that as we are in our NextGen series we are ordaining two of the young men from our ministry into ministry! God is so very good.

God is moving.

I hope you are focused on God working in and through you and His church. Can’t wait to worship with you Sunday.

The North American Christian Convention in Kansas City, June 27-29.

The NACC happens next week in Kansas City. It’s an event filled with great preaching, teaching, and inspiration. If you could get over to it for a day or even an evening, it would be a blessing to you. If you would like to see information about it, here’s the website: https://www.gotonacc.org