This may be the most important sermon series ever.

This Sunday we start a new series called “NextGen.” The big picture for every one of us is this: what kind of a spiritual legacy do you want to leave?  

Let me personalize this.  

What kind of legacy do I want to leave: 

  • as a follower of Jesus
  • as a husband
  • as a father
  • as a minister
  • as a citizen
  • as a professor
  • as a leader
  • as an uncle
  • as a brother
  • as an alumnus 
  • as a church leader
  • and as a grandfather (down the road, if that is the Lord’s will) 
  • financially 

And while that’s not an exhaustive list, you get the picture. 


As I’m writing this, there is a father and son volunteering and mowing the grass at church (Tyler and Jack Wicks). There is a grandfather and grandson (Marlowe and Harrison Schlegel) planting flowers around our church sign. Right now, they are doing the very type of thing that we’re going to be talking about.

We’re going to look at Paul’s letters to Timothy as this phenomenal, innovative, adventurous older disciple (Paul) pours into one of his apprentices (Timothy) wisdom as well as being his encourager and cheerleader. 

This series is going to change the way we think about and do life. I’m fully convinced of that. Throughout this series, invite friends, neighbors, acquaintances to come to Forum because these are things we all deal with. It’s so practical and full of great practices for our lives - that I simply can’t wait to start preaching this series! 

I want to highlight both our children’s and student ministries for a moment. Currently, Forum has the most kids registered for camp out of all the churches that attend. We are at 90 kids going to camp this summer. It’s not too late to get registered. Further, there were 85 high school students at our lock in on Wednesday night. Thanks to Tyler and his team for putting together a great night for our students. And last, currently there are around 90 students and sponsors going to Christ in Youth. That’s outstanding! Loving what The Lord is doing in our lives and ministry. 

Can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday!