The Egg Is Broken

“You have to crack open an egg to have an omelet.”  It’s not out of the Bible. Regardless, it applies.

The big work has started connected to our next building phase. This Sunday, we’ll all be inconvenienced to one degree or another.

I also want to both encourage and challenge all of us to step up our giving towards the building project now that it’s started. We’ve been consistently receiving good giving connected to this, but I know many of you have also said that your giving will coincide with the actual building project. It’s all good. But if you are starting your giving please earmark it on your check or use the online function. Thanks in advance for your sacrifice and faithfulness.

Big Reminders: Parking spaces are available at Boone Clinic across the street. Shuttles are provided.

Help: We could use some more shuttle drivers so the team can spread that around more. If interested, contact Mike Russum at

The sermon Sunday talked about God, “The Little Things,” and God working in and through “The Little Things.” Specifically we talked about how God uses children and use us as we humble ourselves and become like children.

Talk about fitting this exact concept, here’s a picture of a “prayer chain” our children recently made that demonstrates prayers arising from them and their families.

This Sunday we continue talking about “It’s the little things” sharing how God uses that which some see as common and insignificant in wildly significant ways.

God has a great history of doing exactly that. And He continues to do it in your life and His church every day.

I’m looking forward to being in the word, around His communion table, and in worship with you this Sunday.

Be prepared - the physical grounds are greatly changed so leave an extra 5-10 minutes early to navigate it.

See you then.