God's Exclamation Point

I attended a conference last week and heard a great sermon on vision from Tim Liston. He talked about how the church he serves outside of Houston had an attendance of 75 for the first 10 years he served there. Over the past decade and a half the church now ministers to nearly 10,000 people. This is a God honoring, Christ centered church. God uses those who honor Him.

I believe God is doing something similar at Forum. I believe God wants us to help transform Columbia, MO. As you are well aware, the world comes to Columbia to be educated. This past week, while Forum baptized 4 people into Christ, those who work in some of our international on-campus ministries were also baptizing people into Christ who are from China.

As we ordained both Parker Sutherland and Creighton Tamerius over the past two Sundays, I want to remind you that we are also a church that develops and invests in young men and women. I truly appreciate that each spring, Tyler Hensley has different students speak at youth group. And while all may not be called into vocational ministry, all of them are being equipped as ministers.

At the end of the month, we’ll also ordain our exceptional middle school minister, Blake Cohea, into ministry.

I think these elements put an exclamation point on our “NextGen” series. This series was planned out nearly 6 months ago. So once again, I have to step back in amazement with God’s providence.

Just an FYI, we had some behind the scenes things going on connected to our building process that have all now been fully solved. This build has been much harder than the last build due to both scope and city regulations, but at this point we should be in full throttle mode.

This Sunday, we close out our NextGen series focusing on the reality that the scriptures are God breathed. Here’s what I’ve personally experienced in life: God’s word breathes life into me. It’s new life. It’s abundant life. It’s a changed life. His word is so vital and vibrant. When we speak it, we are speaking the very thoughts of God. It’s the best advice you can share with your kids. It’s best when we live it out in total surrender in a whole-hearted way.

This type of surety gives us hope and inspiration to persevere. Over and over Paul says to Timothy, “Hang in there,” “Endure,” “You can make it.”

That encouragement continues to echo to this day in your life, and my life, our church, and God’s church throughout the world. It’s going to be a great day worshiping God and being in His word.

This would be a great Sunday to invite a friend or someone you know.

Really cool:

I was recently talking with a family that is very new to Forum. I asked how they found us (that’s a regular question I ask). They told me three different families had invited them over their first 6 months in Columbia and thought, “We need to go check it out if that many people are asking us to come.” Forum is now their church home. Keep up sharing what God is doing in your lives and in His church.