It's My Birthday

As I write this, I’m celebrating my birthday. I’m writing it in a minister’s office. The office holder is my son Parker. He’s the student minister at FCNewburgh in southern Indiana. I love this about his heart: Parker went to a church that is “coming back” from a very very tough situation. I know the ministry there will ultimately thrive in the long term. I’m praying for his lead minister and the entire staff as they strive to reach the hundreds of thousands of people in that area. 

I ask of you to indulge me for just a moment. Another trip around the sun causes me to be reflective. 

Currently literally hundreds and hundreds of people are wishing me a happy birthday through cards, texts, emails, and FB posts. 

Currently, our kids are all thriving in life. All of them serve actively in the kingdom of God helping to point people to Jesus. 

I work with an incredible staff that all love the Lord who strives to bring to the Lord their best every day. 

I have a great group of elders who surround me and lift me, our staff, and the entire flock up in prayer as we seek to intentionally connect people to Jesus. 

Currently, we are going through the 2nd largest building project I’ve ever been through as a minister because we need more space. Further, the new spaces are going to create new environments to connect new people to Jesus. 

Currently, in my personal devotions, I’m going through Philippians - and it’s such a joy filled book. 

And currently, the wife of my youth and I have been happily married for over 32 years. 

On a very personal note, I feel as though I’m among the most blessed of men on the entire planet. I see the hand of the Lord working in every element of my life. 

And while all those things are so very very good, those things would be hollow if it were not for my Lord Jesus taking my sins, my guilt, and my shame and nailing it to a cross in his body. The personal relationship with Jesus stands at the center of all. 

This weekend we’ll finish out our “Resurgence” series seeing the incredible comeback that God orchestrated by using Nehemiah. Thanks so much for the constant encouragement connected to the preaching of God’s word. 

God’s word is alive. 

God’s word changes us. 

God’s word is right. 

God’s word is the truth. 

God’s word is transformative for individuals, for communities, and for entire global movements. 

Make sure to be at Forum on Sunday as we see experience the power of God’s word working in our church.