Holy Sexuality

I don’t know that we associate the words “holy” and “sexuality” together. Why? 

God as our Designer designed human sexuality for joy, intimacy, pleasure, and for our benefit. God desires that, as His followers, we have abundant life. 

As the Designer, if He truly thought sex was evil, He could have designed that human function to be so very horrible that you would really, really, really want to have kids so badly that you would simply go through that function. 

That’s not the case at all, is it? 

God designed this to be an incredible expression of love and affection. 

Satan and the system of the world, however, would pervert this beautiful gift. 

And pervert it, the world has. 

This weekend at Forum, we’re in our Magnetic series in 1 Thessalonians 4. There’s a lot of powerful teaching and insight we need to grab hold of for our lives. 

Perverted sexuality can be a deadly magnetic force that can allure and drag people in like a magnetic black hole. We see it connected to pornography. We see it in pathetic “art” (50 shades of sin and all). As Christians, we can buy into it with immodest dress as well as in our thought life. 

God’s righteous ways are better for us. They are better for your kids. They are better for your marriage. They are life-giving. They protect. They give us wise warnings. 

Come Sunday, we’ll boldly go through the scriptures together to gain God’s wisdom connected to our lives. 

It will be a PG-13 kind of Sunday in that God doesn’t pull punches in His word connected to our sexuality and holiness. I don’t think we should hold back in these matters in the pulpit either. 

Looking forward to worshiping our Great and Holy God with you this Sunday. This may or may not be a good Sunday to invite friends. I personally think it would be a great Sunday to invite friends, but this is one of those sections of scripture that - well - deals with sex and some people aren’t comfortable talking about these matters - so use your best judgment. 

But this I can assure you: we’re going to worship God, dig into His word together, and draw near to God and one another. As ever, God will help change us for the better. See you then.