All New Starting This Sunday...


New Series. New Children’s opportunities. New Fall programming. New Life Group options.

Sunday we start a new sermon series called, “Magnetic.” It is the study of a very attractional, regionally impacting church in the city of Thessaloniki. It comes from 1 and 2 Thessalonians. This series will help you to have greater influence in your life. God would have you to make a difference in every facet of your life and this series is going to stretch you, to challenge you, to wake you up in some ways, and to push you toward a more abundant and effective life.  

As ever in ministry, we strive to change, adapt, create, and help make it easy for you to help connect people to Jesus. Toward this end, we have developed companion material you can use during the week to accentuate what’s happening on Sunday. We’ve put these companion materials in various places for you to access. We hope some of our life groups will use these. You can do it solo if you aren’t part of a life group. The goal is for all of us to become more magnetic and attractional in our lives. So, there are several options for you to get this material. We have it on DVD. We’ve developed a Roku Channel (Forum Christian Church). The material is available for Apple TV.  You can get it from our website, also available through our mobile app for your smartphone and tablet. The goal is for you to use the videos as a discussion starter (or personal thought/devotion) and then use the scripture studies to grow deeper.  I know that’s a lot of information in one paragraph. This has been a lot of work and I want to thank Bradley for shooting, editing, and creating the videos and getting the material out there. I also want to thank Tyler Morris and Ben Rogers for helping get the Roku channel up and running. In terms of how to get it – if you hit any snags you can contact Jody Riley, our Connections minister, at and he will help you figure out which platform is easiest for you to use.

This Sunday Forum launches into our fall programming. This is my favorite season of the year because so many people get connected to Forum and to Jesus during this season. People are getting into their fall routines and it’s a prime time to invite people to Forum.

Here is a list of all children and youth programs and the Facebook page where you can find out more about what is going on:

At 8:15 on Sunday we will offer full children’s programming. (ForHim Children’s Ministry)

Children’s Theater is kicking off. (ForHim Children’s Ministry)

New middle school programming is happening. (ForHim Student Ministry Middle school)

And fall programming is happening for high school students. [ForHim Student Ministry (High School)]

God is working in amazing ways in the ministry of Forum Christian Church. It’s an incredible joy to see how He continues to grow His church here.

This Sunday we will focus on “Magnetic: Impact” from 1 Thessalonians 1. Fall of 2017 will be an incredible fall. Looking forward to sharing with all of you.