In that I’m getting asked one on one a lot about the progress on our facility, I know many of you have questions so here’s a quick update:

  • The new parking lot is 80% done with a permanent top layer to be put down in the spring.
  • The office area will be done by the end of January. 
  • The family life center will be done in August.

As ever, we don’t let up on the mission to “intentionally connect people to Jesus.” 

Toward that end, we are adding a 4th service on March 18th. Times will be 8, 9, 10:15, 11:30. The 11:30 service will end around 12:15 (which is about when we let out 3rd service now. 

To fully pull this together, we will be needing additional workers and leaders in specifically our preschool and children’s areas. We’ll equip you and get you the needed tools for this to happen. 

We’ll need more people to work in our guest services and hospitality areas as well. 

Work, Study, Serve 

If I could challenge all of us to worship an hour, study an hour (doesn’t necessarily need to be on Sunday morning. Life groups, men’s and ladies’ groups, even using online studies work), and serve an hour that will truly help to advance the kingdom of God. 

Did you know? 

Currently there are over 300 people serving each week helping to make ministry happen. Over the next month, we need that involvement number to grow to 400-450. For this ministry to continue to thrive, we need you to serve. 

New Beginnings

As ever, I’m so looking forward to us being in God’s word this Sunday. This Sunday is a perfect - and I mean perfect - Sunday to invite someone to church. We continue in the “New Beginnings” series that focuses on “small steps by a person that yield big moves by God.” This weekend has it all: Dreams, Drama, Success, Unresolved family issues, Betrayal, (sounds like a newsfeed in social media, doesn’t it?), and one individual at the center of it all. We’re going to look at the small steps he took that yielded mammoth results. You don’t want to miss this one. 

See you this Sunday!

New Office.jpg