It's Just the Beginning


Wasn’t Opening Day just a great way to open up the new facility! Thanks to the over 150 volunteers who made it happen! Saturday, we had the opportunity to interact with people from throughout the community as they came to check out our new building. Sunday, Blake Cohea had a record number of middle school students in their new classroom for Bible study. It was truly a great weekend! 

And it’s just the beginning… 

We are going to continue to intentionally connect people to Jesus. That is God’s mission for us as a church. So please keep inviting people to church and allow God to transform them. We preach Christ with boldness and passion. We are intensely devoted to Jesus Christ and His power to take us and transform us.

We continue in our "Thrive" series this Sunday focusing on running the race of life without restrictions. It was for freedom that Christ set us free. We are not constrained by the law or legalism in following Jesus. We simply love and honor Him with our lives. We’ll talk about that this Sunday. 

And it’s just the beginning…

So I look forward to Sunday because it begins a new week worshiping the Lord. We come together to exalt the name of Jesus. We lay ourselves down as we seek God and worship Him. I can’t wait to worship together this Sunday under the name of Jesus - invite a friend to come with you. 

See you then!