Continuous Learning


For you to “Thrive” is what God designed for your life. God set up the church to be a place of freedom. You have freedom in Christ. You are freed from sin. You are freed from the law. You are freed from comparisons. You have been set free by Christ and His death. God has made it simple for you to follow Him. You simply love and obey Him and His word. Thanks to Tyler Hensley for bringing us that message last weekend.

This week we continue to “thrive” looking at the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. God sent His Holy Spirit into this world to equip us to follow the Lord’s leading. The Spirit enters your life as a believer when you confess “Jesus as Lord” and are baptized into Christ. Some people will ask, “How do I know the Spirit is working in me?” That’s a great question and we’ll answer it this weekend. 

As a staff we attended a leadership conference this week. It’s great being part of a staff that is constantly learning and equipping ourselves for ministry. The conference themed around family ministry and equipping parents for whatever life phase your kids are in. I want to thank publicly Rochelle, Leslie, Jessie, Blake, and Tyler for the work they do with our students and children. They give 100% of themselves towards ministry. It’s a joy to serve with them. It’s a joy to see their ministries thriving. It’s great to see so many dedicated parents striving to bring their children up knowing and following the Lord. 

Looking forward to worshiping with you this Sunday talking about the work of God's Holy Spirit in our lives. God’s ways, in our lives, are glorious. Can’t wait to share a time of worship with you Sunday.