Opening Day

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We’re in a sermon series called Thrive and I believe that’s exactly what is happening in our church right now. God has us thriving. As a staff we sit down the first staff meeting of the month and talk about how and where we see God working in our church. The list for September was one of the longest lists we’ve ever seen. Baptisms, people getting involved in service, the unbelievable outpouring of volunteers for the Opening Day event, among many other great steps of faith and service all stood out and highlighted God’s work at Forum. 

This Saturday we are having our Opening Day event which will be a day filled with fun, laughter, and outreach. It happens from 2-6 Saturday and is free to all. It will be a carnival type event that will take place all over our grounds. This is the day we open the gym for our community and strive to reach out. There will be bounce houses and games for every age. There will be a raffle with many giveaways. This will be an incredible day to reach our community - ask a neighbor to attend. 

This Sunday we continue in the Thrive series talking about waiting on God’s timing and His providence to unfold. This is an area of struggle for many of us - we get ahead of the Lord, do our own plans, and then seek His blessing rather than waiting patiently on the Lord. In so doing, we create confusion and mistakes along the way. Mistakes that we own and don’t get out of, but it’s still the bed we made and therefore we have to lie in it. Scripture lays out a better way for us to follow. We’ll be talking about that this weekend. 

On a personal note, it’s great to be up and mobile again. As a congregation you’ve been an incredible blessing to my family and me. We came home from the surgery and our grass was freshly cut - a big “Thank You!” to whoever anonymously did that for us. We’ve received meals and notes and cards expressing prayer and cheer. We can’t thank you enough. 

Looking forward to a great weekend at Forum.