Not the Same

Not the Same.jpg

This past week we looked at the parable of the prodigal son and the father running  to the son. The son had traveled a great distance away from the father. The son had squandered the wealth given to him by his dad and had run away from home. When the son came to his senses, he worked on his confession, “I’ve sinned against heaven and against you.” The father reinstated him as his son, reclothed him in the finest robe, and threw a party for him.

What an incredible amount of forgiveness the father released, wasn’t it?

We’ve all wandered and sinned. Our heavenly father is waiting and watching for us to come home - to confess our sins and return home. He’s ready to embrace us. He’s ready to throw His arms around us and call us His children.

This Sunday we’re looking at Christ Jesus returning to His hometown; we will see how He is met. This will be a message of hope and insight connected to how we can face the adversity and difficulty in dealing with people who don’t see who we truly are.  This is a message about God’s work in your life in spite of people’s ability to see or notice it. It should be a great message to equip you for family time at Thanksgiving.

Let me encourage you to invite a friend who needs Jesus to church this Sunday. I can’t wait to hear this message. 


Also, don't forget about Hope for the Hungry! Go to and sign up to pack the meals we will be sending to Uganda on Dec. 8. At, you can also donate money to help pay for the meals, as well as, see other ways this event can impact your family this Christmas season.