Our Hope for Home


We started our “Hope” series this past Sunday looking at placing our trust and perspective on heaven. This earth is not our home, and we live in eager hope and anticipation of heaven. Speaking of the hope of heaven, Evelyn Smith, mother of Joyce Miller, went home to be with Jesus this past Monday. It gives us great hope to know when we belong to Jesus, we enter into his presence when we leave this earth. Heaven is a wonderful place of hope.

Since our theme for this season is focusing on our hope in Christ, we are having a Christmas seasonal initiative called Hope for the Hungry, which culminates on Dec. 8 with the packing of 100,000 meals for Uganda. In order for this project to be successful, we hope you will participate in one or more of the following ways:

PACK - You can sign up on myforum.me to help pack 100,000 meals on Dec. 8 at 4:00pm in the Family Life Center.

PAY - You can help pay for the meals by giving financially at myforum.me.

PARTICIPATE - You can participate by choosing to share in a meal of rice and beans and be mindful of the poor and hungry throughout the world.

PRAY - You can pray over the meals as they travel and for the lives they will touch. 

For this Sunday, the message will focus on our hope for home. We’ll be exploring the story of the prodigal son found in Luke 15 and seeing the hope we have in coming home to our Lord. We’ll look at the hope we have in the restoration of God and His forgiveness. It’s a great message of repentance, hope for forgiveness, and coming home to the Father. Looking forward to engaging Christ with you and worshipping the Father this Sunday.