Reclaim the Wonder


We started off the weekend with our Hope for the Hungry event where over 500 people worked together to pack 100,248 meals. We’d set an audacious goal of raising $25,000 to fund this event. I’m so excited to report that nearly $36,000 has been received towards this global effort. Thanks to Blake Cohea for doing such a great job spearheading this event. It turned out for God’s glory!

We also started into the “Reclaim the Wonder” sermon series focusing on God interacting with Zechariah and with Mary at the beginning of Luke. We saw the angel’s five pronouncements over Jesus’ birth: that Christ would be very great (an attribute reserved for God), that He would be the son of the Most High God, that He would sit on the throne of his ancestor David, that He would reign over the house of Israel, and that His kingdom would be eternal. These declarations have proven to be true because our God is a promise keeper. You can rely on God’s word. Every promise He makes, He keeps. When our God gives His word, He fulfills it.

This Sunday we are looking at Christ’s entry into the world, and how there was no lodging available for Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. We’ll look at how they coped with that reality and how God provided for them in the middle of all of that trouble. We’ll look at how this was a common event, and the uncommon emerged in their midst. When we focus on the common, God shows up in the most common of places.

This past Sunday we had a record number of children involved in the four morning services.  Our children’s ministry does an excellent job of teaching and equipping the children. It’s important to have your kids involved in church weekly and exposed to the teaching of Christ. It shows them consistency, and it honors the Lord. 

Looking forward to worshiping the Lord with you this Sunday. I’m praying for this to be a Christ-centered Christmas season for you. To focus upon Christ at Christmas is God’s design for your Christmas, and we’ll do our part in helping you keep your focus on Him as we “Reclaim the Wonder” together.