There's Room at the Manger


This past Sunday we looked at the grandeur of Christmas coming in common situations. While the birth of Jesus was extraordinary, it was a common birth. Seeing the miraculous in the common is to affirm the movement and orchestration of God in the simple things of life. It ascribes to Him how both the common place and the uncommon make Him the Lord of all of your life. Seeing Him in the uncommon and the common orders your life to see Him at every turn and every situation. You see God at work in all things, and that’s a beautiful life attitude to possess.

This Sunday we see the first visitors to Christ’s manger when He was born. These first visitors are a wonderful addition to view in the Christmas event because they represent all of humanity. We’ll look at the lowly shepherds and how they were hand picked by God to be there. It’s amazing they came to see this newly born infant to welcome Him into the world. The angels had announced Him to the shepherds and given them instructions as to how they would find the baby. It all was as the angels said because our God is a promise keeper. Come this Sunday and be prepared to be challenged by His word.

This Monday at 4 and 5:30, we will have Christmas Eve services lifting up the name of Jesus. They will both be candlelight services with music and communion being served. These are great opportunities to bring friends and family to celebrate the birth of Christ. We hope you’ll do that and possibly change someone’s eternal destiny.

The greatest gift to give this Christmas is faith in Christ. This is an excellent season to spread the good news of Jesus to people around you. Just as the angels announced the birth of Christ, so you can too. Looking forward to worshiping with you this Sunday and Monday in the name of Christ. Won’t you invite someone to attend with you? I look forward to meeting them with you this Sunday or Monday. See you then.