Through the Eyes of Wonder


This past Sunday we concluded our “Hope” series by focusing on the hope of heaven being lived out today. What if the knowledge of our future hope impacted the way we live today? Bradley laid out what it might look like if we allow this hope to steer our lives today in moment-to-moment daily living. He spoke about the churches John addressed in the book of Revelation and their need to turn toward God and follow His precepts. Bradley asked the questions, “What if Jesus addressed a letter to Forum?” and “What if Jesus addressed a letter to you - what would show up in that?” While we have a hope for heaven, have you considered the hopes God has for you? It was a strong ending to this series. 

This Sunday we start looking at the Christmas story in a new series called “Reclaim the Wonder” where we focus on looking at the Christmas narrative through eyes of wonder. It’s so easy to get jaded and say, “I’ve heard this all before; there’s nothing new in this story” when it’s the timeless story of God interacting with our planet. Did you catch that phrase, “God interacting with our planet?” The Deity that made this entire world became flesh and made His life among us for 33 years. He showed us how to live, showed us how to love, and showed us the way to God. How astronomical is that truth? Let’s see the birth through fresh eyes of wonder this season!

This Saturday is our Hope for the Hungry event in the Family Life Center. We’ve got 500 people ready to pack 100,000 meals for Uganda. It should be a great day of fellowship and purpose as we come together to serve our world. Looking forward to serving in this event this Saturday from 4-6. 

Join us this Sunday as we worship our Savior.  Bring a friend to church with you this Christmas season and let them explore the Wonder - the wonder of Christ and His marvelous birth.