Grade Us


This week I’m at a conference for ministers who serve in churches the size of Forum and larger. I won’t go into the numbers of people some of these ministers are serving because it can become overwhelming and can cause some to say, “Is that Scott’s focus? Is that what our church is focused on?” 

I’m very happy to say, “God is the one who grows His church. We simply respond to the growth God sends to us.” 

Secondly, it’s  easy to purposefully say, “Our focus is to intentionally connect people to Jesus.” As a staff, as leaders, as people serving within this ministry - that’s our focus. We don’t focus on numbers or on pecking order in terms of “how big” our church is compared to others. God would have us to be a healthy, thriving church family ever connecting people to Jesus. 

While being around these very Godly, mission-driven, and high-capacity leaders, some common characteristics emerge very quickly. I’ll share some observations about these healthy, thriving churches: 

  1. They are completely and intensely focused on God’s word, preaching, and teaching throughout their ministries. 
  2. There is a constant pursuit of unity through seeking God’s leadership. There’s a high awareness that Jesus is Lord of the church.
  3. Intentionality and pursuit of excellence are highly valued and prized.
  4. Ministry innovation, change, and failure are part of the fabric of their pursuit of doing ministry.
  5. “Wins” are loudly and frequently celebrated so the culture of the ministry aligns with values. 

I’d like you to grade Forum on these observations:

Where can we grow?
How can you help us to enhance this and help us grow?

Keep praying intensely for our ministry. 

This Sunday we continue in the “I AM” Jesus sermon series focusing on the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I was sitting next to a minister who leads a ministry of around 8500 in the Raleigh-Durham area. Their ministry is going through a series right now titled “I am second.” Among the central truths arising from “I AM” is the reality that He is on His throne. He has the right and authority to save. He communicates to us, “This is the way things are. This is how you are saved: through relationship with me. It’s not about family heritage. It’s not about nationality. It’s about a personal relationship with me.” 

I tell you the truth, I was bummed this past Sunday because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE worshiping at Forum, doing life together, and seeing the constant forward movement of God within this community. 

Can’t wait for Sunday. See you then. 

PS - Our staff is moving into the new offices and we’ll have movement and new classrooms around the facility. This is another one of those moves that’s going to serve our community and congregation very, very well. Thanks for your constant faithfulness in giving, prayer, and service!