73 Cars in 2 Minutes


The new location of our offices will keep God’s mission for us vividly in front of us. Here’s a picture of the intersection that we see from the common space in the offices. While taking the picture, I set my stopwatch and counted cars. 73 cars in 2 minutes passed through that intersection at a non-peak time. 

I believe God positioned this ministry here to impact this community for Jesus Christ. And we are. 

But here’s the deal, Christ isn’t interested in crowds. He’s interested in commitment. 

Christ isn’t concerned about demographics. Christ is concerned about disciples. 

This Sunday we start into a brand new series called, “I AM Jesus.” There are 7 “I AM” statements in the gospel of John. Each one of them gives us a glimpse into the beautiful character of God. 

The first one is not a crowd pleaser. In fact, it’s just the opposite - it’s a crowd scatterer. 

So let me use this platform to remind you of something you won’t like:

  • God doesn’t need you. 
  • God doesn’t need me. 
  • God/I AM is doing quite well with or without my involvement. 

So big crowds are following Jesus. His popularity is high on the rise. Then John 6 hits. Attendance plummets. “Not as popular as you were just an hour ago Jesus.” 

Jesus is unconcerned with being popular. 

Jesus, my friends and people I love, is Lord. 

So at this corner, while we are surrounded by crowds, while we draw crowds, and while we desire to intentionally connect people to Jesus, we will never candy coat the reality of Jesus and his Lordship. 

With the new gym, we will draw more people into the facility. We continue to build community partnerships and expose people to our facility and ministry. But realize just because a person was born in a garage doesn’t make them a car. Simply getting people into a facility or getting them around church people, etc. does not make them a follower of Jesus. That is a choice of their will. A choice we are praying people make on a daily basis. A daily choice that says, “Today I choose by faith to strap on Christ’s cross. He is my Lord and today I lay my life down for him.” 

Love doing life and church with you all. Looking forward to a stellar worship encounter with our Lord together this Sunday.