Jesus is...


I recently spent some time with a friend who comes from a very different faith background. As diverse as our beliefs are we used a lot of the same language to talk about God, and we both quote and use the Bible as a way to discuss theological ideas. If you were sitting within earshot of our conversation, you might even think we both were ministers at a church. 

Despite the jargon, Bible quotations, and friendly banter, there is one stark contrast to our beliefs. Though not easy to discern on the surface, the difference is as opposite as black and white. He believes Jesus was a created being who is the reflection (among many others) of the Father and I believe that Jesus is one with the Father. His understanding of Jesus shapes his view of God, reality, and his role on this earth - and so does mine.  

I tell you this to remind you of how important our view of Jesus actually is. That is one of the primary reasons we have spent so much time looking at the “I am” statements of Jesus in our current sermon series. To consider not, what do others say about Jesus, but what does Jesus say about Himself. This series is so crucial for us as a church, and it challenges us all to consider, or maybe re-consider, what we believe about Jesus. 

So as we continue this week in our series “I Am Jesus” let me encourage you to invite someone to experience a community of people on mission to not only share the message and love of Jesus but to experience a community committed to showing it. Around this time of year, people are a little bit more open to the idea of God and to the idea of maybe attending church. Your invitation could make the difference in someone's life. 

A few weeks ago Scott preached a very moving and inspirational sermon at his alma mater Johnson University. You can find the link to watch it here. During that message he spoke of how important it was to have a community of people in your corner, cheering you on, encouraging you to be faithful and seek the Lord. In a culture today that is bombarding us with messages about what to do, who to be, what to buy, and what to believe - surrounding yourself with a community of people that desires what’s best for you and wants you to grow closer to Jesus is vital. It is that kind of community we are a part of here at Forum and l look forward to seeing you on Sunday.