It Says Something


We continue to have excellent attendance - last Sunday was our all-time, non-holiday, high regarding how many people were at Forum. That’s awesome! It says, “There’s something going on there.” And there is. 

We continue to study the Bible and the mission God has us on - to intentionally connect people to Jesus. All of the focus should be on God’s word and that mission. The ongoing challenge is to not waver from this mission which defines our ministry. We spoke this past Sunday about staying focused and not being a predictive prophet saying, “That person is going to act this way, so I’m not going to reach out to them.” This mindset doesn’t align with the goal of intentionally connecting others to Jesus. 

We’ll wrap up the “I AM Jesus” series this Sunday looking at Jesus's statement “I am the Alpha and Omega” out of Revelation. We’ll be talking about how there’s limited time to talk about Jesus and how when it’s over, it’s over. God is the definer of our days and has an ultimate say in our lives. We are subservient to His will and His desire. When we submit to His will, life takes on the mission to connect people to Jesus. 

Looking forward to worshiping with you this Sunday. Bring a friend or family member with you to encounter His word and teaching.

See you Sunday,