All We Are


We had a great weekend at church last weekend as Children’s Theatre did its performance of “Back to the Cross.” The 75 kids and families are to be congratulated for their outstanding performance. Well done to those kids and sponsors. 

We continued on in our “Elephant in the Room” series as Bradley brought to us “When.” When is the time to call out people for their ‘elephant’? He gave a great template for a decision tier connected to this axiom. The topic dealt with hypocrisy and we’ve all got areas in our lives where we have two sets of standards. The key is to self-recognize this truth and give grace when looking at others’ lives. When it is affecting other believers and people in a negative way, it is time to call a person onto the carpet in love. 

This Sunday we stay in the “Elephant in the Room” series looking at “You’re pregnant…now what?” It’s Mother’s Day and we’ll look at God using two ladies and their pregnancies. We’ll see how God used them as His agents for communicating His truth and His activity to their families. We’ll see how you can do the same.

It’s Baby Dedication Day as well this Sunday. We’ll be dedicating four children to the Lord on this day - always fun celebrating God’s gift of children to our families. Looking forward to a great day this Sunday.

All we are is a house of God who seeks to worship Him. We connect people to Jesus. We center on Him. 

I can’t wait to worship with all of you this Sunday,