What If You're The Elephant?


This past Sunday we looked at the elephant of dealing with your own sin. We need repentance that leads to radical change. It means walking away from the sin completely and turning toward God. We looked at John the Baptist calling people to repent and turn toward God on these matters. Bradley brought the word with power and conviction.

This week we’ll focus on someone who went through a radical change and became the elephant in the room. Paul was in chains, yet he was guarded by palace guards. It must have been a long day in the life of that palace guard hearing about Jesus day in and day out from Paul. He boldly communicated Jesus to the captor...to the point that palace guards believed in the name of Jesus. Paul kept the main thing the main thing. He kept Jesus as the forefront of the message. The book of Acts ends saying this proclamation was unhindered. 

That’s what we desire to create within you: a life that honors God in word and action. You can do it. You will never get imprisoned or chained to a guard, but God uses your placement for His glory. Come and soak in His word and allow it to transform you into being a proclaimer of the good news of Jesus.

Looking forward to worshiping the Lord with you Sunday. It’ll be a great day in His all-powerful name.