What A Great Place!

“And when I cannot stand I’ll fall on you…Jesus you’re my hope and stay”

Worship at Forum has been stellar. Each week we gather to worship. We celebrate. We confess to Jesus our need for him in our lives. It’s the most meaningful encounter we have during the week. 

We gather around His communion table and take elements that remind us of Christ’s physical body. We examine ourselves and are called back to God’s holy standard. We are cleansed because of the work of Christ in our lives. We are anchored to Christ. 

What a great place church is! 

This past week we looked at God intervening in King David’s life. He had sinned, and sinned, and sinned. God sent His prophet Nathan to confront him on these sins. It turned out these sins arose from David diminishing the Lord. He didn’t think highly enough of God and His word. He thought about the sin, entertained it, and embraced it. His elephant was dealt with head-on. 

This week we’ll look at when to confront a friend who is saying one thing and acting another way. We’ll look at the elephant of hypocrisy and try to rid elements of hypocrisy out of our lives. God calls on our “yes” to be “yes” and our “no” to be “no.” We’ll focus on dealing with hypocrisy in our lives and when to come to terms with it.

We’ll look forward to worshiping together this Sunday.