Why Should We Pray?

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Prayer can be one of those enigmatic and even paradoxical components to the Christian life. Ask ten people what their prayers are like, and you very well might get ten different answers. I often hear questions like:

  • "If God knows everything, why do I even need to pray?"
  • "How do I know God will answer my prayer?"
  • "Why does God seem to answer some people's prayers and not others?"
  • "The Bible says that the Spirit of God prays on my behalf - so why do I have to?" 

In all seriousness, I think those are all excellent questions and ones I am sure we have all asked (albeit privately) over the years. They help us to see the honest tension and complexity of prayer. Perhaps this is why the topic of prayer, our practice of it, and how to grow in our use of it is so difficult for us. I mean are any of us actually trying to grow spiritually right now in the area of prayer? 

Sidenote: If so, awesome, send me a quick email telling me what you are currently doing to grow. Email me at bradley@forumchristian.org - I would love to hear from you!

If you did want to improve spiritually in the area of prayer, where would you begin? Would you read a book about prayer, would you consult a minister, would you just start reading the Bible, would you ask a friend who can pray out loud really well? None of those options are wrong, and none of them would be a wrong choice, but if I could suggest one thing as a matter of first importance - it would be to ask another question, and one I have hinted at already, and the question is, "Why should I pray?"

Start there. It's simple enough, and you don't have to do anything except think to yourself. Ponder that question for a few days before you do anything else. Consider what the purpose of praying is? Then join us this Sunday as we answer that question from a biblical perspective. From there I think you will have a great starting place to develop a plan to grow in the area of your prayer life. 

See you Sunday - Bradley


On Saturday, June 30th, Forum will be partnering with Crossroads Missions and Habitat for Humanity, to build a home in our parking lot. Habitat for Humanity will then locate the home in northern Columbia and donate it to a family who is currently living in substandard housing.  Your family can help build a house!

Then on the following Sunday (July 1), you and your family are invited to write scripture and prayers on the walls in-between and after services.