Israel, Pause, Hope

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Melody and I just got back from Israel. The church gave us this trip for our 10th year of having served with Forum, and we just now got around to taking it. It was stellar! We went with a group from Southeast Christian Church and some friends, and it was wonderful! To walk where my savior walked, to see places He performed miracles, to experience up close and personal battlefields where David met Goliath was overwhelming and life-changing. So I say to you as a congregation “Thank You” for sending us on that trip. We’ll never be the same. 

Last Sunday we closed out our “2:42: Devoted” series with a message on prayer brought to us by Tyler Hensley. He asked, “What are you devoted to?” He talked about what we give our time to. If I’m to give myself over to certain things how am I stacking up compared to the early believers? Tyler did a great job of talking about communication and it’s prominence in a committed relationship. He spoke about the need for prayer being as real as our need to breathe. Do we pray as though our lives are dependent upon this relationship? Prayer changes our hearts to align with the Father’s heart, and we should be devoted to it. 

We start a new series this Sunday called “Pause.” We’ll look at the Psalms and elements of being in God’s word and doing things God’s way. We’ll look at pushing the “pause button” in our lives for the things that are right for us to do. It’s time for you to put a pause in your life. It’s time for you to sit still and soak in God’s word. In this “hurry up and get busy” world we live in, it’s time for you to reclaim elements of rest and pause. 

We have a “Help Build Hope” missions event where we are helping to build walls for a Habitat for Humanity house that will be constructed at the north end of town, but we are building it at Forum. We’ll have breakfast and lunch for you on Saturday starting at 7:30. We’ll finish putting the walls together for the house around noon. Sign up at  so we can have a head count for the meals. Sunday, after church, we invite you to go out onto the parking lot and write scriptures on the walls of the house and pray over it. 

Also, due to the increase in our parking lot capacity, we are no longer going to run the shuttles from the hospital parking lot on Sundays. There is space in the parking lot now that we’ve gone to 4 services and built another parking bay, so we no longer need to park across the street. 

I’m looking forward to another great Sunday of worship with you. Looking forward to having us “Pause” and focus on His word together. I can’t wait until Sunday.