Are You Listening?

Are You Listening.jpg

This past week, we were encouraged to “Pause” for prayer.  Prayer is a God-initiated event. We should come in to listen to God. We should actively seek His Holy Spirit and walk in His confidence. Blake did an exceptional job encouraging us to listen for God’s prompting. First and foremost, God communicates to us through His written word. Psalm 62:1 says to us, “I wait quietly before God.” God speaks to us in His word, through people, through dreams, through promptings, through pain, and through creation. Blake asked in reference to our need for God, “Are you striving for God as much as you strive for the air you breathe?” Are you listening to Him? Are you hearing His voice in your life? Are you seeking that divine presence in your life?  I sure hope so. 

As a ministry, let’s be in prayer for the over 70 high school students from Forum attending Christ In Youth this week. Pray they encounter God and listen to Him. Pray they bond with one another. Pray for their leaders who are pouring into them. Pray for the unity of the group. Pray for safety as they travel. 

As I was typing this, our Senior Choir was in the lobby between gigs. They had just performed at one of the local assisted care facilities and were heading to another one. I think it’s awesome they are striving to intentionally connect people to Jesus through the gift of music. 

This Sunday we are going to “Pause” for worship. We are in the book of Psalms studying the heartbeat of God. The Psalms are a compilation of hymns, prayer, and expressions of worship to God, and we are looking at some of the major components of the Psalms. The Psalms were used as the book of hymns by the Hebrews as they corporately worshiped together.

I can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday. Nothing gives me greater joy on this earth than to be in worship with the church body at Forum. Nothing is as satisfying as the moments that we are gathered together as His church lifting up Christ, pouring our hearts out in worship. Nothing is finer than encountering His body and blood in communion. Nothing brings more meaning to my soul than His preached word. As I say, “I can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday!”