Let's Worship


We push “Pause” to worship. This past Sunday we were instructed by the word of God to actively worship Christ in any given moment. Bradley took us through the word of God to watch and worship. Worship is a daily practice that can be ushered in at any given moment where we turn our hearts toward the Lord and express thanks to God for life and purpose.

 Speaking of worship, did you know we have a group of teens who lead worship for brothers and sisters at South Hampton Nursing Home the third Sunday of each month? I think it’s cool that we have this ministry that is an ongoing expression of worship in our community.

 Additionally, our senior ministry has a choir that performed a patriotic program at different assisted care centers around town over the past two weeks. We, as a church, exist to intentionally connect people to Jesus. We do this both on our campus and off of our campus in purposeful ways. Thanks to Tarry and Poppy Koutz for putting this into place. Join in prayer for the seeds of the gospel that were sown.

This Sunday we’re going to look at pausing to confess. Coming clean before the Lord is a beautiful thing. To know you’re completely and totally forgiven for sins committed is a freeing and audacious thing. We’ll look at Psalm 32, lay out our sins before the Lord, and rejoice in His forgiveness and renewal. There are times when I think we take this action of God for granted. I think we don’t contemplate our sins and need for confession enough. This Sunday will be a time of introspection, forgiveness, and transformation.

It would be a good Sunday to invite a friend to attend church because of the transformative power of healing and forgiveness being poured out. As ever, I cannot wait for us to worship God together.