A Day of Possibility

Guardrail 3.jpg

What a great day this past Sunday was! We kicked off our Guardrails series in strong fashion looking at wisdom as a guardrail. Dialing in to God’s wisdom is the way to go for this life. Seeking His Kingdom first is a great way to navigate life. Bradley did a solid job of pointing us towards God’s wisdom in Proverbs 1 on Sunday. 

We also had a great night as a fellowship at Wilson’s Beach Club. With over 500 people in attendance, it was a great night. The night was filled with water, sand volleyball, tennis, bounce houses, Kan jam, and hot dogs. It was truly a phenomenal night of fellowship. Thanks to our youth ministry team for putting it together.

This Sunday we look at the scripture guardrails connected to human sexuality and seek God’s wisdom for this. God created our sexuality. He’s the designer and author of life so it’s the righteous thing to listen to Him in these matters. We have an industry aimed at getting our attention through pornography. We have schools that hand out contraceptives. We have more people living together before marriage and “trying it on for size” (if they get married at all). Then there are the issues of same sex unions and alternative lifestyles. What does God say about all of this? We’ll look into these matters on Sunday. 

Let me encourage you to invite a friend to church this Sunday. The sermon topic will be relevant to people in our community, making it a Sunday filled with possibility. 

Looking forward to another stellar day of worship in God’s presence with you this Sunday! See you then,


P.S. It’s time for nominations for elders and deacons. There are forms at the Starting Point for you to fill out and submit in connection to these roles.