Renewal and Cleansing

Cleansing & Renewal.jpg

Are you looking for renewal from God? This past week, Tyler Hensley did a terrific job speaking on pausing for renewal. Pausing for renewal helps us renew our strength like the eagle’s to the point where we walk and will not fall, and we run and do not grow faint. He talked to us about scheduling a sabbath because unless we plan it, it won’t happen. One of the best ways to pause for that kind of renewal is coming to church, being active in the Word and in praise in a corporate fashion. Don’t you feel rejuvenated after you’ve been in worship? Don’t you sense refreshing from that event? 

Speaking of getting out of the world and into the scriptures, I went out to High Hill camp yesterday and saw middle school camp in action. Our Forum team was doing exceptionally. Campers were having a blast playing games, worshiping, and hearing God’s word preached. It was a joy to see! This camp week arose because our middle school group was so large that the camp could not fit them all into the originally scheduled week early in the summer. Blake Cohea took the initiative to step forward and say he would put this later week together for our kids. It’s been dynamite for the roughly 90 kids who are attending camp. That wouldn’t have happened had Blake not stepped forward to put it together. Well done!

This Sunday, we conclude the Pause series looking at pausing for cleansing. God is in the business of forgiveness, and it’s important for us to confess and receive cleansing from God’s hand. This Sunday we will focus on this type of cleansing. We’ll take action steps towards this type of cleansing. 

Because of the topic we’ll be covering, this Sunday would be a great Sunday to invite a friend or family member to come to Forum. As ever, I can’t wait to worship the Lord with you this Sunday.