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It was good to be in the pulpit Sunday closing out the “Pause” series.  This past Sunday we focused on pausing for cleansing. Saying unto God, “Have mercy on me oh God” and coming to Him with a contrite heart to make us clean is the place to start. Having six people come forward for prayer let me know God’s Spirit was moving in this church. Having Noah and Caleb Mayer baptized that afternoon was also a great example of how we can experience God’s cleansing. This week, go to God for cleansing. Bear your soul to the Lord for sins committed. Confess your sins to the Lord and receive His cleansing. 

This week we start a new series called “Guardrails.” Guardrails are a system put in place to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off limit areas. We are going to talk about God’s guardrails for our lives and putting them into place for our protection. This Sunday we’re going to look at God’s wisdom and having that in place in your life. This series could impact your thinking for years to come. It has the potential to help you with the definition for your sexuality. It has the potential to alter the way you think about money and your habits with money. It has the potential to change the way you speak and communicate. The goal is for us to be Christ-like. As followers of Jesus we should act like, talk like, live like, and love like Jesus did. We strive to imitate Him. This series is going to help you to do that. 

Sunday afternoon, you’re invited to join us for a pool party at Wilson’s Beach Club from 4-8. This is a no cost event for you and your family. There will be free food at the event as well. Also, get your life group or other friends together and register online to compete in the sand volleyball tournament. 

As ever, I’m looking forward to a great Sunday worshiping with you. I look forward to this new series of teaching that will be so very practical and insightful for your life. I look forward to the full tilt worship that we experience each Sunday. I look forward to it all. 

Can’t wait to see you Sunday,