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We finished out Guardrails strongly, talking about finances and God’s design for your finances. We saw how God honored the request from Solomon to give to him wisdom for ruling the population of Israel. We saw how God as well said, “Because you have a heart for wisdom these other things that you didn’t seek instead will be yours as well.” Solomon penned the distilled wisdom into the Proverbs and we saw what an insight they are. We should seek God’s wisdom. We should work hard. We should live generously. Those were all brought to us from God’s word being opened by Bradley this last Sunday. 

This week we start into a new series out of Galatians called Thrive. God desires your life to thrive. He sent Christ for you to have freedom. Freedom from sin. Freedom from death. Freedom from the law. We’ll be looking at the book of Galatians for this outstanding study. As we open up God’s word, won’t you be open to it? Won’t you allow yourself to be shaped by it? Won’t you let God speak to you? 

It’s not by accident that you are here in God’s presence. He’s got a plan for your life and knowing Him and following Him are at the core of that relationship. God sent His one and only Son to this earth to establish a saving relationship with you. Will you accept that? Will you follow that? Will you seek Him? He’s sought you and He wants you to thrive in Him. That’s what we’re going to be talking about this Sunday.