Christ Challenges Us

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This past Sunday, for those who braved the snow or watched online, Bradley spoke on Christ’s “I say” regarding our hearts. Christ said, “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” To embrace this fully means we make a covenant with our eyes not to look lustfully at people around us. Christ challenges our thinking and behaviors in this way. He forces us to think about and guard our thoughts and intentions. He completely examines our hearts and forces us to purify them. Christ doesn’t dally with our sexuality. He calls us on our sin and challenges us to put it in perspective. He calls us to purity. He desires for us to deal radically with ourselves and live above reproach, especially when it deals with our sexuality. If Christians embrace this teaching, they would put an end to sexual sin in their lives. Adultery would not be a thing in the church. Honoring God with purity is the goal that Christ wants us to hit. 

This Sunday we deal with another very hard teaching of Christ related to divorce. Christ focuses on the oneness God designed for marriage. He doesn’t give an easy, disposable out to marriage. This teaching will revolutionize your marriage and your thoughts on marriage. It may also alter your thoughts on remarriage and divorce. God intends for us to get married and stay married. He’s the author of the union, and no human should separate or nullify this sacred covenant. Is your marriage what God intends it to be? Are you living for Christ within your marriage? Are there areas you need to work on within your marriage? This Sunday’s teaching will encourage you to examine your life and marriage through the lens of Christ’s teaching and pull together as a couple for the sake of glorifying the Lord.

This “I say” series has shown us the perfect words of Christ Jesus. Christ causes us to examine our hearts and minds and follow Him in all ways. Christ forces us to look at the heart of the matter with these intentional teachings. He calls us to live for Him with a pure heart.

I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday and lifting up praise to our God. As ever, it’s a great week to invite a friend or family member to come to Forum. We’ll lift our praise to the Lord this Sunday in all 4 services.

Looking forward to worshiping Christ with you,