Are You a Promise Keeper?


This past Sunday was a great encounter in God’s word. We looked at one of the toughest teachings of Christ for our society. In Matthew 5:32, Jesus tells his audience that to give a wife a certificate of divorce for any reason other than adultery causes her to commit adultery. We looked at the cultural significance of that mandate and the present application of that passage. The bottom line is God is doing something mysterious in every marriage. So whether you are recently married or have been married for fifty plus years, you continue to be knit together as one in the eyes of God. In marriage, God makes two people into one. This is a beautiful mystery that is a work of God in marriages. So maybe you feel as though you are married, but you are far apart from your spouse. Listen to this message and glean insight from it. Allow God’s word to refine you and shape you. God intends for our marriages to stay together.

This coming Sunday, we will look at being people of integrity and keeping our word. We will look at Jesus’ “I say” statement regarding vows. Jesus challenges us to let your “Yes” be yes and your “No” be no. Christ would have his followers to be truth tellers and people of integrity. Christ would have us to keep our word even when it hurts us to do so. Our word should be the gold standard by which people can count on us to deliver and produce. Are you one who keeps your word and your promises? Can your work place count on you to keep your word? What about your family? Can they count on you to keep your word? Christ’s challenge is going to cause us to examine ourselves and our lives in terms of truth telling and having integrity. This will help you to focus and make better, insightful decisions as to your saying “yes” and “no.”

This would be a great Sunday to invite friends and family to attend because it’s a simple, yet hard-hitting truth.This truth will challenge all hearers to examine their word and figure out if they are a promise keeper or not. I’m looking forward to worshiping with you this upcoming Sunday. 


January 27 is our Sunday for Baby Dedication!

If you would like the church to pray over your child, please contact Leslie Potter at and make arrangements. This is a great practice we do as a church to encourage you as parents to prioritize the upbringing of your child.