Welcome 2019!


We finished out 2018 and the “Reclaim the Wonder” series looking at Christ interacting with the religious leaders of his day when he was 12 years old. We saw how Christ continued to “grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.“ Do you have a game plan for doing that in 2019? Growing in stature and favor is a noble undertaking that God would have you to pursue. 2019 can be the best year of your life spiritually. It can be a year where you come closest to looking like Jesus, talking like Jesus, and acting like Jesus. 

This Sunday we start a new year and a new sermon series called, “I say.”  It comes out of the teaching from Christ called the “Sermon on the Mount.” Christ came to revolutionize life and to teach freedom from the law. In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ Jesus teaches us a new way of living life. He takes the law and the religious interpretations of the day and expresses the spiritual fulfillment of living these things, which will give you life and life abundantly. Christ contrasts the old interpretations of the law with His way of living freely.

This would be a great series to invite a friend or family member to attend because it’s straight teaching from Christ. As a church we teach God’s word, the Bible, without compromise, and we teach it straight up. This won’t change in 2019. By inviting friends and family to come to Forum, you expose them to the word of God and the teaching of Christ. We lift up Christ from our pulpit every week of the year. 

Looking forward to a new year and to new encounters and experiences with God together this year. Let’s start it out this Sunday.