Elohim  - our God, the Creator. Isn’t it great to know you follow the God who created the world? Isn’t it wonderful knowing He has a design and purpose for your life? Isn’t it astounding to align your life with His pattern and design for it? This past week we started our study on the names of God and saw that “Elohim” is the name given to God in the first chapter of Genesis. We saw that it’s the plural form of “El”- which is the singular form of the word for God. We discovered that Elohim was used over 2300 times throughout the scriptures and signifies God as our Creator. We learned that He created marriage and designed marriage as a cornerstone relationship for society. We see how the Spirit of God hovered over the waters. God didn’t step away from creation, but He actively cares for and watches over His creation. We can cry out to Elohim and ask Him to speak into our lives and situations. He can make something meaningful in the midst of brokenness. God gives to us purpose for how we live life in the midst of darkness and brokenness because He is our Creator. We should communicate this truth into the lives of people around us and put hope out there for people to embrace.

This Sunday we will explore the name of God as “El-Shaddai” which means “God almighty.” It’s in God’s power and His sovereignty that we can gain comfort and insight in life. God revealed this name to Abraham as He made this promise to Abraham, “I will make a covenant with you, by which I will guarantee to give you countless descendants.” As we see the unchanging character of God and His providence and purposes, we gain knowledge in knowing that He orchestrates our lives and our steps. Abraham trusted God and built his faith walk on God. He saw a future that rested in God and realized he could trust God in all ways. Abraham  trusted God with his life. Abraham trusted God with the way he lived, walked, and talked. We can do the same.  

We turn to God and call on His name “God Almighty” as we live daily. We center and orient our lives upon Him. God deserves our unfailing and unflinching obedience. He is God Almighty who orchestrates and providentially leads our lives just as He did in the Bible. 

We look forward to being in worship in His presence this Sunday. This would be a great Sunday to invite a friend to come and hear about God Almighty - El Shaddai.  Why not take a moment to pray for your friends to come under God’s sovereignty and His rule in their lives?