The God who Provides

Jehovah Jireh.jpg

This past week we looked at the name of God, El-Shaddai, which means “God Almighty.” We saw how God is bigger than our mistakes and shortcomings. We saw, through the life of Abraham, how God can use anyone in spite of them taking matters into their own hands. Tyler did a great job of opening up God’s word to us in terms of helping us see how our God is Almighty God.

Do you rest on this truth?

Do you have your faith in God Almighty? He’s the God who takes your sin and transforms your life and makes you righteous and holy. Talk about an almighty God! 

This week we are learning about Jehovah-Jireh - the God who provides. God provides for us daily with the air we breathe, with the food we eat, and with day to day functions of life. Additionally, He provided a once and for all time sacrifice with Jesus Christ who went to the cross for our sins. He sat down at the right hand of God and now intercedes for our sins before God. God’s provision runs deep spiritually speaking. God is the initiator of His provision. He doesn’t hold back from us but instead He provides every step of our lives. With that provision He expects us to knowingly act by faith in Him. Faith is more than mental assent but, is rather, action oriented in terms of our response towards Him. We couple our head knowledge with the way we live and demonstrate our faith with our lives. We live it out. This week, we’ll see Abraham leap into action by trusting God in faith. 

Won’t you step out on faith this week? Won’t you ask someone to come to church? Won’t you share your faith with them? Won’t you live and act by faith in God? This would be a great Sunday to invite someone to come to church with you. They will hear about our God who provides. He provides a means of salvation for each of us through Christ Jesus. This is a great thing to introduce to your friends. Looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.