The God Who Gave You Birth


We learned Sunday that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. We learned that God is the good shepherd, and you can hear His voice. We saw that God provides, He protects, and He ultimately brings us home as the good shepherd. David declared this truth when he affirmed God as his shepherd in Psalm 23. When we declare Him as our shepherd, all the truths contained in Psalm 23 apply to us. The big news is that God leads us when we let Him. He is our God, our shepherd, who takes care of us and provides for us daily. 

This Sunday we look at our God who was ultimately the one who gave life to us. God formed you in the inmost parts of your mother’s womb in terms of your development. He created you and knit you together. The odds for this happening are astronomical. God doesn’t make mistakes, and He doesn’t make any junk. I know there are times when people wish they were more attractive, or slimmer, or more healthy, but it’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin. God fashioned you and created you just as you are. You are perfect to Him. He loves you perfectly. He gave His one and only son for you. God is at work in this world, and you are one of His creations designed by Him to give Him glory. 

Come out for a great day of worship this Sunday at Forum Christian Church. We will uplift Jesus Christ higher than any other name. We will proclaim Him loudly in worship and in our actions. We will worship for the glory of God.