Divine Direction


This past Sunday we closed out our “What’s Next?” series looking at the willful determination of the early church leaders to move forward. We looked at the countercultural mindset of “What can I give into this situation?” that stands against the “What’s in it for me?” attitude. Pouring ourselves into situations elevates the circumstances of life. We saw how we are part of God’s unfolding plan to change the world to follow Christ. We looked at how we can change from being self-centered into being others-centered. We looked into the reality that the community of believers was united in heart and mind because they were mission driven, spirit empowered, and community supported. The church grew immeasurably due to this process playing out in their lives. When the church moves forward in unity there is a beautiful growth that occurs within ministry. We have this type of blessing as a ministry. God continues to grow His church at the corner of Forum and Nifong. 

This upcoming Sunday, we start a new series entitled “Divine Direction” where we will explore how we can know the direction God wants us to go. Throughout the Scriptures, God at times reveals Himself to people in unique and sometimes powerful ways. Often when we find ourselves amid hardship, trouble, or when we have to make a difficult decision, we turn to God and look for His divine direction. The question then becomes, how do we know what direction God is leading us? How do we know the divine direction? This series will explore those questions, and through our study of Daniel, we will be challenged and encouraged.

This Sunday we get the opportunity to ordain my son, Justin Sutherland, into ministry. Justin has taken a ministry leadership role with Bright Church in Bright, Indiana, in the role of lead youth minister. He finished his Master’s Degree from Johnson University in May and is ready to help lead a church. As his sending church, Forum gets to be a part of his ongoing ministry story and we will share in this Sunday. 

This Sunday will be a great encounter in terms of worshiping God and getting re-centered on Him. It’s great that we have a Christ centered church, isn’t it? A church focused in on God’s word, His holy communion, the fellowship, and prayer. It’s God’s design and we continue to follow His pattern that He set up nearly 2000 years ago. It’s a privilege to carry this message forward. Can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday.